efighter referral

eFighter Referral Program


Generaly a person join with referral program because he/she love your product/service and the incentives offered. While not any customer referral program or referral program software will return the same results.

In soul, our aim is to help our customers. eFighter practice & share referral program with each members to make effective engage with their networks.

1.   eFighter networks comfortable to engaging with you”

As a brand, the last thing we want to do is get aggressive with our customers. Within any referral program, there are consumers who are relaxed diffusion their love for our brand by posting their referral code or link multiple times for everyone to see, And There are other people who may only want to share their referral with close friends or family who they specifically think would enjoy our product.It is clear to our customers that no expectations about referral traffic or results are attached to their membership in the program. It is just self willingness. If we our monitoring team find out any member like that, we will arrange special gift.


2.   eFighter referral program language make it your own”

eFighter will add common language to make easy who is engage with our network. Our team working on it. Our supporter will see at ASAP.

3.   eFighter is see-through about motivations and referral

 It’s up to brands to be transparent with customers about what they will get in return for referring others to the brand. We directly declared return for our Customers,

·        If A refer B, A will get 20% return.

·        By the clear guidline to earn the trust of our customers by the following terms and this trust and satisfaction is integral to the overall wellness of our program.


4.    eFighter
active 24/7 for your
feedback within referral program”

 Brands shouldn’t control the success of a referral program by its mere existence. We will analyze some metrics internally of our customers, it’s imperative to also reach out to customers to ask how they view the referral program.

·        What features do they like?

·        Are there features that they dislike?

·        What has been their general practice?

·        How, in their view, could the program be upgraded?

Depending on how much value the information collect, we can even reflect addition a motivation for those who take the survey addressing these questions.

5. “Don’t be nervous to query for more prospects”

If we track, we have customers who want to participate outside the standard referral program, we will declare exclusive benefit with ambassadorship or micro-influencer marketing.

Referral programs bring excitement in customer’s right to the door. We will prove our loyalty to customers to do even more, it’s
worth considering it.