Refund policy

eFighter is here with the resolution to instruct the lives of people through education with the slogan of 100% user happiness. So, in circumstance you are unfortunate with the course you can request refund to our support team.


You can straight ask for Refund from your course console. We will analysis and notify you the authorization status within 72 hour of your refund request. Upon approval of your request, we will refund within 15 days of your acquisition because we referred payment to our valued mentors within 20 days after imbursement confirmation from users/ buyers/ learners.

Process of Requesting Refund:

  1.   Open your Account
  3.  Go to the course
  5.  Click Request Refund at the dropdown menu
  7.  Submit your course URL to the application or to the support menu.

*** Evoke, Refund request is only valid when you purchase the course directly from eFighter website.

Reasons for Rejection of “Refund Request”:

     You have to Apply for Refund within 24 hours of course purchased.

If you request a refund for multiple courses within a very short span of time.

If you viewed/ completed / downloaded the full course before requesting a refund.

If you purchase the course from a third party/ from IOS device/ from a country where payment sending from our payment gateway is not possible etc.

Our support team will review your request, activities on your account very strictly to save our instructors from wrongful deception.

Contact Us for Refund

You have to Apply for Refund within 24 hours of course purchased. You have to focus on our refund policy.




+88 01740-486070